Springdale Public Schools is mobile.

springdale Springdale Public Schools is the first school district in Arkansas with a mobile app.

The apps include content and features for every school in the Springdale district. School news, events, menus, Attendance Zones, videos, contact info, maps and more are all available on any iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Congrats to Springdale’s students, parents, faculty and staff!

iPhone and iPad app

Android app

Coachella Valley USD Mobile app.

cvusd Coachella is widely known for its popular music festival. It may soon be known for Coachella Valley USD’s intuitive mobile app.

Coachella Valley will be launching a new mobile app integrated to their Student Information System and Office 365. Students, parents, faculty and staff will have anytime, anywhere access to everything they need on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows 8 devices.

Coachella students are so excited they can’t wait for school to resume in August!

SOWELA & Baton Rouge CC Mobile apps.

lctcs Two more Louisiana Community & Technical College System (LCTCS) schools are going mobile. SOWELA and Baton Rouge Community College‘s apps will include Banner and LMS integrations. Students will be able to register for classes, make payments, view account balances, check financial aid status and view course assignments, grades, discussions and more.

The apps will also include more features for faculty and staff as well as prospective students. LCTCS, SOWELA and Baton Rouge will soon be truly mobile first colleges.

Solano Mobile App – integrated to Banner and Canvas

solanoSolano Community College in Northern California is going mobile with a new mobile app integrated to Banner and Canvas.

The students starting or returning for fall semester will be able to register for classes, check account balances and pay bills, view class schedule, assignments, grades and more all from their phones or tablets.

What a great way to kick-off the new school year!

UTSA Mobile – integrated to Banner and their LMS.

UTSAUTSA just released one of the most comprehensive mobile apps with Banner and LMS integration. Their new app includes Banner Course Registration, Account Balances, Course Schedule, Grades, Assignments, Discussions and more.

They also launched a terrific landing page promoting their new app; http://utsa.edu/mobileapp/.

The Future of Education – Microsoft’s Global Education Partner Summit.

Dub Labs had the honor of being invited to Microsoft’s Global Education Partner Summit to talk and learn about all things education as well as network with other top education technology companies from around the world.

The education space is certainly at a crossroads; US students continue to fall behind other countries, there’s a wide gap between the haves and have-nots in many school districts, tuition is rising in higher ed with fewer high-paying jobs to help with student debt and more. We’re all aware of the issues.

The good news is, based on what we saw and learned last week, education is poised for an amazing future lead by a group of dedicated and innovative companies and passionate people ready to face and fix the challenges ahead.

Companies like Dreambox and others are building better tools to teach each student based on their unique abilities and needs. Coursera and Khan Academy are creating more ways to reach more students. Textbooks from Kno and Chegg are going digital and interactive, making them more engaging and affordable. App developers are flooding the app stores with millions of great learning based games. Even products like Skype are being used in classrooms to connect students from across the world.

Technology is the future of education and there are great companies, from startups to Microsoft, working around the clock building better resources for the students who will build the future.

LCTCS is going mobile!

lctcs We’re super excited to be working with the Louisiana Community & Technical College System to deploy a mobile app to all 13 of their colleges.

Each school will have its own unique mobile app integrated to Banner and their LMS. Students at LCTCS will be able to register for classes, check their balance, make payments, view course assignments, grades, class discussions and more from any mobile device. Mobile access to everything, anywhere is a great way to increase student engagement and retention and students at LCTCS will soon have a fully mobilized college.


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