Students Choice: 5 of the Most Popular Ed-Tech Tools Used Today.

AppBegin_0 With new apps, SMARTboards, and mobile solutions emerging every day in the Ed Tech field, it can be hard to keep track of who’s doing what. After all, every company has a case study or white paper touting their app as the end-all, be-all in instructional technology, classroom management, you name it. And yes, it’s hard to get the facts straight, to know what works and what doesn’t.

So at DubLabs, we went straight to the source—the schools. In a combination of surveys, informational interviews, and observation, it’s become clear that 5 pieces of tech shine above the rest, either in their functionalities or in the ways they engage students and grow learning. Here they are:

1. Edmodo is all about collaboration. It’s a tool that quickly connects teachers, students, and parents, allowing teachers to disseminate information—grades, quizzes, homework, etc—to both students and parents. In North America, it’s also synced with Common Core standards so that, at a glance, teachers can know what individual students do and don’t know, allowing them to effectively target deficient areas of knowledge.
2. ClassDojo– ClassDojo is an incredibly efficient classroom management tool that creates a game-like system and provides real-time feedback to students and parents. After having students create their own avatars, teachers, through the use of a tablet or phone, can track and update student behaviors in real time, assigning positive behavior points with the click of a finger that can be used to incentivize students to remain engaged and on task. Additionally, ClassDojo allows teachers to instant message parents with behavior reports so as to provide immediate feedback.
3. GlogsterEDU– While not targeted at students nearly so much as teachers, Glogster provides all the necessary tools to create stunning, engaging multimedia presentations. With libraries of images, sounds, video-clips, and text-templates, Glogster turns the traditional PowerPoint on its head while providing multiple opportunities for student learning by targeting/providing information suited for various learning styles.
4. StoryBird– Whether dealing with reluctant readers or just looking for new ways to inspire creative / free-writing, StoryBird engages students through visual storytelling. When using StoryBird, students are able to select an image from a host of hundreds provided by artists and animators and to begin unlocking the story from the image. Even the most timid writers are engaged in the visual beauty of the pieces and often join in the fun. StoryBird also provides a community element by allowing students to publish their stories, gain followers, and truly engage in a productive, supportive writing community.
5. DubLabs– DubLabs works to make sure everyone is connected, plain and simple. By taking clunky learning management systems, school websites, classroom websites, and more, and building a unique app to allow a particular school system to meet all its mobile needs, DubLabs streamlines the process of student, parent, and teacher access to school information from the district level to the individual classroom.

It’s true that we’re living in the golden age of educational technology, and it seems that the fields are just getting greener. Is there an indispensible piece of ed tech that you use that we left out? Drop us a line and let us know.

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